Monthly Archives: June 2002

37signals has a beautiful mockup

37signals has a beautiful mockup for what the future of a web-based car interface might look like. But unlike 37signals usual stuff, it’s not grounded in reality. Car companies need to focus on real innovations like cars that get 100 miles to the gallon before implementing any of this fancy stuff.

Having said that, though, we test drove a wagon with a built-in DVD player yesterday. Not a requirement, but it sure beats trying to find a place to prop up the PowerBook to watch a movie on those long trips.

As most bloggers on the

As most bloggers on the planet know by now, Dave Winer has been in the hospital this week. Rogers Cadenhead organized a quick passing of the PayPal hat to buy Dave an engraved iPod. I have to admit I got a chill when I read the quote. The ability for online communities to hook up like this and make a big difference is very powerful. Also today, the K5 fundraising drive has almost reached $35,000.

Last night, Traci stayed up

Last night, Traci stayed up late researching a question on Google Answers about Disney’s use of television and what influence it had on the other major studios. It was an interesting question, and she was able to look through books we have here as well as link to articles she found online. Today, as I’m reading through my daily RSS flow of blogs, I hit upon a post from Cory on BoingBoing that is talking about the same topic. Then I get to the end of the post, and it turns out he was the one who asked the question on Google Answers! I guess it’s a small web after all. :-)