Monthly Archives: August 2003

Whale Rider

We saw Whale Rider last night, and I was pulled into it from the very beginning. There were few big surprises, but the story was moving, especially for all of us with daughters. It was told in a uniquely honest way that made the whole feel special. The scenes had a thoughtful timing and flow to them that really worked, and you could tell each shot was carefully composed. As Traci said as we left the theater, it was one of those rare films that you want to see again soon.

Austin Sketch Group

Ismael A new sketch group officially started up yesterday, led by local artist John Rubio. The first meeting was at Opal Divines. We passed around sketchbooks and discussed art, comics, animation, and how the digital world has effected independent artists. Some people brought laptops, some brought prints. Most everyone sketched.

Looking Rick gave out copies of his comic book, Budget Strips; Justin had his Flash short films on his PowerBook; Ismael showed some framed prints inspired by doodles; and John and Jasun both had great sketchbooks. About a dozen people showed up, an incredible mix of talented artists. I’ve been trying to get in the habit of keeping a sketchbook and drawing more regularly, so it was a big inspiration.

Carbon and Cocoa sitting in a tree

John Gruber counters anti-Carbon arguments from Andrew Stone, again:

“Apple’s original plan more or less boiled down to replacing the Mac OS with NextStep; Mac developers had the crazy idea that it should be replaced with a new version of the Mac OS. Apple listened, the plan was revised, and six years later, here we are.

“Apparently, no one sent Stone the memo.”

The good news is that most of this Carbon vs. Cocoa stuff has died down by now. Developers realize that there are strengths in both APIs.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been experimenting with adding Cocoa functionality to an entirely Carbon app. It turns out this is fairly straight forward. In fact the hardest part was making the move to mach-o and an application package. At that point you can drop NIB files in to the project, and mix and match Objective-C with C++. All using CodeWarrior.

The integration is mostly seamless. For example I have drag-and-drop working between a Data Browser control in a Carbon window and an NSTableView in a Cocoa windows. The Cocoa code knows nothing about the Carbon window and the Carbon code knows nothing about Pasteboards. Another surprise was menu integration: NSTextView properly enables and responds to menu items in my Carbon Edit menu!