Monthly Archives: May 2008

Core Intuition

Like many new tech endeavors for 2008, it was “announced first on Twitter”: Core Intuition is a new podcast from Daniel Jalkut and me, with a focus on the daily life of a Mac developer and whatever related subjects are going through our heads. There was so little time between the “let’s do it” idea to recording and edit and web site and “Twitter account”: that I might not have believed it actually happened if I had blinked, but “here it is”: Expect the traditional iTunes page, blog, and other formalities to follow soon.

“Daniel’s blog post”: has more on the announcement. He also has comments enabled, so feel free to jump over there and post feedback, unless it’s the angry, negative kind of feedback in which case please send a private email to “” :-)

Thanks for listening. We’ll be doing these regularly so please subscribe in iTunes if you want to catch the next episodes.

Wii friend codes from Twitter

As most Nintendo Wii owners know by now, Mario Kart for Wii shipped last week. I put together yet another friend code database to track and share codes, but this one is unique because it builds on Twitter. Just follow “@wii”: and send your friend code in a reply. No registration, no data entry. All your friends on Twitter who also use the system will automatically be linked, so you can quickly get a view of which friend codes to add. It’s also a great way to discover new Twitter users.

I’m pretty happy with how the implementation has worked out. It’s build on essentially three background scripts:

  • Parsing replies every minute looking for the friend code pattern (1234-1234-1234 for game codes, with dashes or spaces).

  • Taking queued users and pulling everyone they are following into the database.

  • Generating and caching the RSS feed for recently tweeted friend codes.

The system currently only pulls the first 300 followers, but it’s running smoothly enough that I will bump that up to 500 this week. Over 150 people are currently using it, and the database has about 10,000 records to keep track of friends. I feel like it’s architected well enough to grow significantly from here, so I may do some casual promotion of the service this week.

If you own a Wii and use Twitter, “give it a try”: If you have any questions or feature requests, please send me an email or reply on Twitter. Enjoy!