Monthly Archives: February 2013

Announcing Searchpath

Today I’m happy to announce my new web app: Searchpath. It’s search for your web site or blog with an innovative “popover” UI. Simple, fast. With better control of your search results, and no need to link to Google or show ads to your readers.

There are so many sites out there that don’t have search, or have very poor search. I wanted to build something that makes setting up a great search box on your site absolutely trivial.

Searchpath knows about blogs — it finds the text on your page to index, and can automatically strip out redundant titles from posts for clearer search results. It tracks popular search terms. It gives you more control, by letting you exclude archive pages and customize the font and links with CSS.

I’m running it now on this blog. Check it out in the sidebar, or visit to sign up and try it on your own site.

New product coming soon

Last year I started working on something new. It was going to be the first product after I refocused Riverfold around a new mission statement: apps to keep and remember what matters. It starts by solving a very basic problem, but the long-term scope is very big.

It’s for anyone with a web site or blog. It’s incredibly simple to set up. It’s a web app with a free trial that works like magic, requiring no registration.

Finally I’ve been able to dust off the project, give it a new name, and get it ready to ship. Launching tomorrow, February 14th.