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New emoji rant: too much detail. The trend to 3x-sized emoji is misguided. They should be the size of text. Emoji aren’t GIFs or stickers.

→ 2016/12/13 4:15 pm

AirPods ready to order. I’ll pass for now. Bluetooth still has downsides to me, and my iPhone SE has a perfectly reliable headphone jack.

→ 2016/12/13 8:47 am

Starting the day off with my pre-holiday morning work routine: iced coffee and “My Shot” from the Hamilton mixtape.

→ 2016/12/13 7:42 am

Worked at the new WeWork location at the Domain this morning. Nice place. Back home and just published an episode of my Timetable podcast.

→ 2016/12/12 2:40 pm

Posted episode 30 of my short podcast, Timetable. Still don’t have a consistent schedule for this. Maybe Monday and Friday would be good.

→ 2016/12/09 12:19 pm

When a project is just days away from being wrapped up, I’m always extra worried that someone else will ship the same thing right before me.

→ 2016/12/07 1:46 pm

Up until 2am last night working on this Kickstarter video. The concept was much too ambitious. Determined to finish it this week, though.

→ 2016/12/05 2:12 pm

Every morning there’s a second after I wake up where I’ve forgotten about Trump. Then reality. Still unbelievable, shocking, and outrageous.

→ 2016/12/03 8:49 am

I’ve been sitting on a couple finished blog posts this week. Possibly over-thinking the perfect time to post them. One personal, which I wrote just for myself. And one about Twitter, which I want people to see.

→ 2016/12/02 9:14 am

Working from home: tried to record a video yesterday, but the dogs were barking and the cat kept getting in the shot. Trying again today.

→ 2016/12/02 8:49 am

I’ve been recording Timetable for about a year and I’ve never checked my MP3 download stats. Always best to ignore those as long as possible. Obsessing about numbers is a good way to doubt yourself and second-guess everything you produce.

→ 2016/12/01 6:04 pm

We just posted Core Int episode 261. Good mix of business (make $$$$ with the Mac), tech (package managers debate), and plans (microblogs!).

→ 2016/12/01 12:28 pm

Excited about Trump’s claim of widespread voter fraud. Next: convince him we should vote again so he has another shot at the popular vote.

→ 2016/11/28 9:03 am

We all really enjoyed Moana. I’ve been listening to the soundtrack this week, so it was nice to finally see how it all fits together.

→ 2016/11/26 5:58 pm