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Aaron Swartz

I met Aaron briefly at SXSW, maybe 8 or 9 years ago, when the conference was still so small you could run into everyone. He wouldn’t remember me, but I followed his work and linked to him a couple times here. He was so young and already doing great things.

Lawrence Lessig:

“He was brilliant, and funny. A kid genius. A soul, a conscience, the source of a question I have asked myself a million times: What would Aaron think?”

Brent Simmons:

“He’d gone on to do cool things — and make some mistakes, and get in trouble for them. But I knew he was extraordinary, and I expected him to grow up to become an American hero.”

Cory Doctorow:

“Aaron had an unbeatable combination of political insight, technical skill, and intelligence about people and issues. I think he could have revolutionized American (and worldwide) politics. His legacy may still yet do so.”

Daniel Jalkut:

“After witnessing a small extent of the struggles Aaron fought, I choose to commemorate him with gratitude for the many bad weeks when he resisted drastic action, and gave us all more time to appreciate and share his contributions.”


“You’ve honored Aaron Swartz by acknowledging what he did before he died. Now honor him by doing what he might have done.”

Such a loss. For more links, I started a collection of tweets when my timeline woke up to the news of Aaron’s death.

Watermark quick copy and more

Watermark had some downtime early last week. While I was able to bring back the server faster and hopefully more robust than ever, I also wanted to quickly act to improve the service in visible ways. So I wrapped up a few features for Watermark over the Thanksgiving break, including two specific new features for Twitter and App.net.

For Twitter: Copying tweets to custom collections was cumbersome before, involving lots of clicks if you are copying multiple tweets in a row. Now there’s a faster way. After you copy a tweet to a collection, Watermark remembers that recent collection for a couple minutes and offers a “quick copy” link directly next to the tweet.

TM quick copy

For App.net: You can now repost or star a post directly from the Watermark interface. I’ll continue to fill out Watermark with more features like this, whether you’re living in Watermark as your default client, or just searching your archive and want access to more functionality.

ADN starred

Search and performance should also be better across the board.

Subscription change, new features

When I launched Tweet Marker Plus, I documented that it would store “about a month” of tweets. I didn’t want to promise too much before I fully understood the storage requirements. After a few weeks, I officially bumped it up to “at least 2 months”. I also added a full archive of your own tweets, which are never deleted.

The truth is I’ve yet to write the code that actually deletes any tweets from the database and search index. Eventually I’ll have to, but not yet. So I’ll continue to evolve the service in a way that makes it more useful and sustainable.

Recently I increased the $2/month price to $5/month, with the search index expanded to 3 months of tweets. Today I’m officially bumping the storage again, to 6 months of tweets. I’ve also changed to monthly billing instead of once every 3 months. Everyone who already has the $2/month plan will get to keep it. No price increase for you, and you still get the new 6-month storage and new features, as a thank-you for being an early subscriber.

And I’ve added a major new feature. You can now create custom collections of tweets and publish them to share with others. This is a feature from my iOS app Tweet Library, and in fact any published collection from Tweet Library will also show up in Tweet Marker Plus. New in Tweet Marker, you have the option of keeping a collection private or making it linkable, without it showing up when someone browses the list of collections.

The screenshots linked on the account page include an example of how collections work.

As a bonus for Mac users, there’s also a new menubar search app. This little Mac app hides in the menubar and gives quick access to searching your Tweet Marker Plus timeline and archive. Here’s a screenshot of what version 1.0 looks like.

Picking the right brand

You may not notice it right away, but Tweet Marker Plus is the start of a big migration for my Twitter projects. The backend infrastructure for tweetlibrary.com will be moving there, so that Tweet Marker can have access to published collections. And a major web feature to complement Tweet Library — originally written for tweetlibrary.com last year but never released — will be launching on Tweet Marker Plus instead.

Essentially, Tweet Marker will be the web app and web services. Tweet Library will be the native iOS client only.

This has a few pretty big advantages for me:

  • One web app to manage instead of two.

  • Other Twitter apps can access the collections publishing API.

  • Tweet Marker is a better brand than Tweet Library.

More people know about Tweet Marker. It just makes sense to build any new web features on top of that existing name.

The first step in this transition is ready now: published collections can be accessed via tweetmarker.net. For example, see this collection of tweets from the game Millinaut by Shaun Inman, Neven Mrgan, and Alex Ogle.