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Core Intuition 262

We published episode 262 of Core Intuition today. It’s December already, so we’ve inevitably been thinking about unfinished projects as the year wraps up. From the show notes:

Daniel and Manton talk about coping with disappointment of failing to achieve goals in an expected length of time, recognize the differing demands of building software for different markets, and talk about tricks for managing lack of enthusiasm for finishing projects. Finally, they answer a listener question about how to get started with consulting, and planning for maintaining a suitable income when you β€œquit your day job.”

Thanks as always for listening to the show.

Podcast interviews and the new Riverfold

I was interviewed for two podcasts recently. The first is the CocoaConf Podcast. Daniel Steinberg does a fantastic job of editing his show with a tight format, mixing together interviews and community news.

We talked a lot about my new microblogging project and working on things that matter. I told the story of shutting down my Mac app Wii Transfer to focus on other projects:

“It was really popular. I remember when I shipped 2.0 it was one of my best sales days ever, probably the best sales day ever. But what I came to is that as neat as it was, as useful as it was for some people, in the big scheme of things β€” if you take 5 years out, 10 years out β€” that app just wasn’t that important. It was neat, but it’s time had come and gone.”

The other podcast I was on is a new one called Consult. It’s an interview show all about consulting and client work. I had a good time chatting with host David Kopec about evolving Riverfold Software to include consulting while at the same time expanding into a full-time indie business.

Creative professionals

My friend “John Rubio”:http://www.johnrubio.com/ has launched a new site: “CREATEaPro”:http://www.createapro.com/. A steady flow of good essays is already filling up the site. His latest, “10 Essential Tips to Becoming a Successful Creative Pro”:http://www.createapro.com/2006/07/10/10-essential-tips-to-becoming-a-more-successful-creative-pro/, is equally applicable to a wide range of disciplines, not just designers, illustrators, animators, or other artists the site is aimed at.

I like this paragraph from his introductory post:

“If I could go back, I would have paid more attention. I would have started my education not then, but at 8, when I first discovered the blackroom they had stashed behind my uncle Richard’s light table. I would have spent more time studying the racks of lead type before dismissing them as just things that got my hands and homemade clothes covered in ink.”

It underscores what seems to be the main theme of the site: get working and stay confident.

Sometimes I worry that I wasted too much time with trivial stuff, pushing away time for what is really important. But then I’ll encounter an artist or visionary who got a late start and still made the best of it. It’s never too late.

Unless you listen to “John Kricfalusi”:http://johnkstuff.blogspot.com/2006/05/animation-school-lessons-do-you-want.html: “After 24 if you haven’t already become really good, you will stagnate and your powers of learning and your rebellious youthful attitude will have died.”