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DNS consolidation

Feels like years in the making, but I’ve finally moved all my domain names to a single provider: DNSimple. The last 3 domains went through toward the end of 2015. They were .io domains, and required calling Network Solutions to unlock. (I own 13 domains, and don’t plan to add any more for a very long time.)

I’ve found that the simplicity of having these kind of things consolidated in one place really improves keeping up with hosting and renewals. It’s the same reason I moved all my private projects to GitHub, even though it would cost more per month. It means less to worry about, so more time for coding.

Since I’ve often been thinking about the lack of permanence on the web, I also want to be more proactive about extending my domain registrations. I renewed manton.org until 2021.

If you’re interested in using DNSimple, use this referral link for a month free. All my SSL certificates are there too, although I’m keeping an eye on Let’s Encrypt.

Wii Transfer 2.0 featured on Apple Downloads

I finished “Wii Transfer 2.0”:http://www.riverfold.com/software/wiitransfer/ late Thursday night. This version is an interesting milestone for the application because it goes beyond just using the SD card to shuttle data back and forth between your Mac and Wii. There is a small Cocoa web server embedded inside Wii Transfer that can serve up MP3s and JPEGs directly to the Wii using the Internet Channel. I think this could be the basis for some really fun stuff in the future.

One of the things I added at the last minute is to try to simplify how you connect to your Mac from the Wii. IP addresses are difficult to memorize for most people and may change depending on how your home network is setup. To solve this, Wii Transfer will optionally create a permanent URL for you on bookmark.riverfold.com. You can then add that URL as a favorite for your Wii and it will always redirect to your local machine. Wii Transfer will ping the Riverfold server on startup and update the bookmark database with your current IP address. You can think of it as a simplified version of “Dynamic DNS”:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dynamic_DNS.

I just noticed that Wii Transfer is the featured download and staff pick in the “video section of Apple’s download site”:http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/video/. That is a nice surprise. It will be interesting to see what that does to download stats.

One last thing. Starting next month the price will go up to $14 for version 2.0 (free upgrade for all existing users). I usually work on Wii Transfer at night, so the increase will help offset all the sleep I lost. :-) Even at $14 it may be underpriced. Remember the “Brent Simmons rule”:http://www.red-sweater.com/blog/168/the-price-is-wrong: anything less than $20 won’t be taken seriously. In this case though I think it’s just about right. I’m also finding a large percentage of purchases from Europe, despite no localization, probably because the US dollar is so weak now. Enjoy!