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Disappointed in Thiel

About 2 years ago I read Peter Thiel’s Zero to One while traveling. It quickly became one of my favorite business books. I’ve always thought we should strive to create truly new products, not just better versions of old ideas. I referenced the book in one of my blog posts about Snippets.today.

It wasn’t until the Gawker lawsuit that I bothered to learn more about Thiel. It’s disappointing enough that anyone I respected was on stage at the Republican National Convention, a 4-day train wreck that I expect years from now the GOP will look back on with embarrassment. Now Thiel’s giving over $1 million to Trump.

Marco Arment makes the case for Y Combinator distancing itself from Thiel:

Wrapping reprehensible statements or actions as “political beliefs” doesn’t protect them or exempt their supporters from consequences. Racism is racism. Sexual assault is sexual assault. Labeling reprehensible positions as “political beliefs” is a cowardly, meaningless shield.

I don’t think we should use the word “shame” lightly. It’s used jokingly too often in our industry; for example, “shame on you” for not using my favorite app or listening to my favorite show. But on this serious topic, I agree with the content of Marco’s post completely.

Tweet Marker bootstrap

Tweet Marker is getting big. I couldn’t be more excited that “Twitterrific 4.3 is now shipping”:http://twitterrific.com/ with syncing across Mac, iPad, and iPhone. “Users love it”:http://tweetlibrary.com/manton/twitterrific4.3 and many are rediscovering Twitterrific or becoming new customers just because of this feature.

More apps are coming, too. Craig Hockenberry, from a “Macworld article by Dan Moren”:http://www.macworld.com/article/161655/2011/08/tweet_marker_shows_twitter_client_developers_still_innovating.html:

“The real value is having something that works well across the entire Twitter ecosystem. It’s our belief that Tweet Marker will become more useful as more clients support it.”

I struggled with how to build, price, and launch Tweet Marker. The first developers to use it are taking a risk, so I felt I had to remove the friction of supporting the service by making the API free. To cover hosting costs, I plan to later make an optional paid subscription available for developers who want more than the basics.

But we’re not there yet, and some people have asked how they can support Tweet Marker directly. As an experiment, I’ve put up a donation button over “on the Tweet Marker site”:http://tweetmarker.net/. Think of it as a small investment in the service, a bootstrap to get things off the ground and remove the stress of scaling.

It is not, however, a substitute for supporting client developers. Please pick up a copy of Twitterrific, and when my app Tweet Library is available with sync I hope you’ll consider that as well. Thanks!