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Climber for ADN

Toward the end of this week’s Core Intuition, we talked a little about the App.net file storage API and mentioned the new iPhone app Climber. The developer, Rob Brambley, [has posted a nice write-up](http://blog.alwaysallthetime.com/climber-from-hackathon-to-app-store-submission-in-two-weeks

) of how the app was built and shipped in less than a month:

“All Climber posts are more or less like any other post to App.net, but with a link to our website where the video can be watched. Our video pages simply rely on App.net post data to retrieve links to video files contained in personal App.net file storage. If a user chooses to delete their App.net post, or even just delete the video file in their file storage, then it can no longer be viewed on our website.”

This separation between the app and the hosting is a great advantage over services like Vine or Instagram. If the Climber app goes away or their web site is down, the videos are just .mp4 files on App.net. You can download them to your computer with any App.net file browsing client.

There’s a lot of activity around App.net file storage right now. I think we’re going to see some great things built with this.