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Podcast thoughts on WWDC

I’m back from San Francisco, catching up on everything I missed while traveling. I recorded a few podcast episodes during WWDC week, both my own and an interview.

On Core Intuition, Daniel and I talked right after the keynote about the morning’s announcements. From the show notes:

Manton and Daniel react to the 2016 WWDC keynote. […] iMessage and Siri extensibility,¬†Continuity¬†improvements, Apple Pay for the web, Apple‚Äôs keynote diversity, and more.

In the middle of the week, I talked with John Voorhees of MacStories about WWDC news but also a lot about microblogging. It may be the most I’ve shared about my latest project, all in one place.

Yesterday, I recorded a short episode of Timetable. I wanted to capture what the trip to San Francisco each year means to me, outside of the conference itself. I find the week a good opportunity to reset and think about where my focus should be across my projects.

Welch on iPhone ringtones

Ambrosia Software’s “Andrew Welch in a TUAW interview”:http://www.tuaw.com/2007/10/03/tuaw-interview-ambrosias-andrew-welch-on-the-iphone-update-and/:

“The tack they are taking with the ringtones, though, is not ‘We’ll provide such great ringtones that you’ll want to buy from us’ but rather ‘This is all you’re ever going to be able to use, too bad if you want to use something else.’ I think they took a winning formula, and got it entirely backwards.”

This is the most disappointing part of what Apple is doing. Even with the iTunes Store, when they had to lock down the songs to appease the music industry, they still thought about the user: songs on 5 machines, unlimited iPods, multiple iTunes accounts on the same machine, great selection, and effortless buying experience. I can wait for a real iPhone SDK (WWDC 2008 please Apple kthxbye), but Apple of all companies should not let corporate deals needlessly cripple the ringtone user experience.

The Hivelogic Podcast

Watching from the sidelines as Dan Benjamin prepared his first podcast really made me want to get out “the microphone”:http://www.flickr.com/photos/manton/194992192/ again. Creating a podcast is a great experience, and I always tell myself I’ll do them more frequently. There have been a few recent events that I’ve wanted to capture as podcast episodes, including the experience waiting in line for the Wii, but it just hasn’t come together.

Enough about me. Go listen to “The Hivelogic Podcast with Dan Benjamin”:http://www.hivelogic.com/articles/2007/01/06/podcast_is_here, interviewing “John Gruber”:http://daringfireball.net/ about the upcoming Macworld announcements. The Macworld keynote is this coming Tuesday at 9am Pacific, but I haven’t heard word yet on whether it will be streamed live or a delayed rebroadcast.