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Libraries for 30 days wrap-up

After trying to work from a new coffee shop I had never been to before, every day for 30 days, I loved the routine of getting out of the house so much that I set on another challenge: visiting 30 libraries. This proved to be more difficult, mostly because of the extra driving required, but I wrapped it up yesterday.

I’ve put together a web page of all the libraries, with photos and links to the microblog posts for each day. The posts are also tagged with #newlibraries.

After wrapping up libraries, I thought I’d make it a trilogy of 30-day endeavors, with a final 30 days of working from city parks. This was a suggestion from Daniel Hedrick, who had worked from parks before, tethering to his iPhone since there’s usually no wi-fi. I loved the idea right away because it fit so well with the goal of getting out of the house and discovering something new in my own city. I even spent a couple hours earlier in the month researching parks and planning out whether I could do it.

But now that it has come to it… I am really burned out on commuting. Finding new coffee shops and libraries has been a great experience. There are several wonderful places that I know I will return to again, and I never would have found them otherwise. I just need a little break from the forced routine of driving somewhere new each day. Maybe I’ll pick up the parks idea next year.

Last of 30 days of libraries, working from the Architecture & Planning Library at UT. Thinking of Robert Rasmussen, because I think it was here that years ago he said he would come some days to work, to focus away from the usual routine of coffee shops or the office. Rest in peace, Robert.

→ 2016/04/17 1:53 pm

Working from Terrazas Branch before lunch. I like that many Austin libraries are named in honor of a local Austinite. Henry Terrazas was a 20-year-old marine who died fighting a forest fire, 50 years ago this year. He was awaiting transfer to Vietnam.

→ 2016/04/15 10:53 am

Doll house Little Free Library

Doll house Little Free Library

For the 3rd Sunday in a row, I’ve taken a break from visiting a normal library and instead found a Little Free Library to exchange a book at. They’re all very unique, often made by hand. This one was made from a doll house, which opens both from the bottom front and roof for two floors of books.

Busy day so I’m off my morning routine of getting out of the house to focus on writing. After 20 days, actually a little burned out on visiting a new library every day. Nevertheless, here I am near Oak Hill to work from Hampton Branch. Nice oak tree and gazebo out front.

→ 2016/04/08 2:37 pm

At the Round Rock Public Library this morning, catching up on email and chat with the iPad Pro before I need to run some errands. Realized today that I’ve been using the iPad Pro so much, I haven’t left the house with my MacBook Pro in a week.

→ 2016/04/07 11:39 am

Over at the University Hills Branch for a short while before lunch. This library seems heavily used, which is great, but it’s loud and not particularly well-suited for working. Moving some tables to the back or sides of the library might improve the layout.

→ 2016/04/05 12:35 pm

I’m back southeast to work from Ruiz Branch for the morning. Very nice library, built in 2004, with plenty of tables that look out to the field and trees.

→ 2016/04/04 10:29 am