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Buy apps, help Japan

From a “beautiful post by Craig Mod”:http://craigmod.com/satellite/nourishing_wake/:

“I pulled all of the poison out of the air — I drew it deep into my lungs and exhaled into my socks. My socks are full of the radiation, don’t touch the socks. I pulled the tsunami back. I drew the inland water back into the ocean. I pulled it over the rice paddies, unflattening them; the trees, straightening them — a billion billion leaves fluttering back into position. I drew the water back, back, back. It was easy because it was what I had to do, I tell her looking her straight in the eyes. Perhaps you don’t understand, but I had to.”

Check out “appappeal.jp”:http://appappeal.jp/ for a collection of apps that are donating their profits to the Japanese Red Cross Society. Buy a few. And don’t forget “Developers Against Poverty”:http://developersagainstpoverty.org/, which needs your donations before the end of the month.